• PTSD Bytes #11: PTSD resources for family members

    In this episode Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses PTSD resources for family and loved ones with Dr. Steven Sayers, director of Coaching into Care.

  • PTSD Bytes #10: Crisis resources and support

    In this episode of PTSD Bytes, Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses crisis support resources with Dr. Lisa Brenner, rehabilitation psychologist.

  • PTSD Bytes #7: Treatments for PTSD 4: Medications

    Psychologist Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses medications for PTSD with Dr. Paul Holtzheimer, psychiatrist at the National Center for PTSD.

  • PTSD Bytes #6: Treatments for PTSD 4: Cognitive Processing Therapy

    Clinical psychologist Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses cognitive processing therapy with Dr. Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, National Center for PTSD.

  • PTSD Bytes #5: Prolonged Exposure and treatments for PTSD

    In this episode of PTSD Bytes, Dr. Carmen McLean talks about prolonged exposure and the mobile app “PE Coach.”

  • PTSD Bytes #3: What is PTSD?

    Dr. Sonya Norman, clinical psychologist, National Center for PTSD, describes PTSD, what it can look like and how recovery is possible.

  • PTSD Bytes #2: Coping during COVID with COVID Coach app

    Dr. Beth Jaworski, lead creator of the app COVID Coach developed by VA, describes the many ways this app can be helpful during the pandemic.

  • Afghanistan: Resources available for PTSD

    The last part of this series focuses on resources available for PTSD. While this series focused on Afghanistan Veterans, options apply to all Veterans.

  • Mobile mental health apps for Veterans aim to reduce suicide risk

    VA Pittsburgh staff are working to reach more Veterans using mobile mental health apps. Project seeks to increase Veterans’ access to mobile apps to improve mental health coping and reduce suicide risk.

  • Get anytime access to mental health support with mobile apps

    To make sure Veterans don’t miss out on mental health care, VA has a number of ways Veterans can maintain their well-being no matter where they are, including mobile apps, self-help trainings, videos, and websites.

  • ICYMI: #ExploreVA Facebook Live Event on VA Health Care – Innovative Tools and Technologies

    VA and Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) recently co-hosted an #ExploreVA Facebook Live event about new technologies and how they are used in Veteran care.

  • Accessing VA care and services online has never been easier

    VA has made improvements to its digital tools that make it easier than ever before to access VA care and services online.

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