• Veterans Health Equity Podcast Season 2

    VA’s Office of Health Equity’s unique podcast series reviews VA programs, initiatives, and Veteran experiences within the past year.

  • Vets invited to Gulf War Illnesses Research Committee Veteran engagement sessions

    If you are a 1990-91 Gulf War Veteran with questions or concerns about Gulf War Illness, you’re invited to join research committee sessions.

  • VA pharmacists prescribe wellness for Veterans

    As valuable members of the VA team, pharmacists play a critical role in Veteran care, as well as serve as mentors and leaders in their fields.

  • #VADidThat: Million Veteran Program leads way to medical discoveries, one Veteran at a time

    The Million Veteran Program is a national research project learning how genes and military experiences and exposures affect health and illness.

  • Yogurt is good for your heart, VA study finds

    Flavored or Greek, yogurt of all kinds might hold answers to better heart health, according to a study on nearly 200K Veterans.

  • VA research uncovers new ways to treat Veterans

    VA works to build a better future for Veterans through research in four key areas — biomedicine, clinical sciences, health services and rehabilitation.

  • Learn about careers caring for Veterans at these upcoming events

    With the end of this year’s recruitment season near at hand, our recruiters will be participating in a pair of upcoming events to recruit new members to our VA team.

  • Million Veteran Program – 10 years, 850,000 Veterans and one dream to revolutionize health care

    Million Veteran Program – After 10 years, nearly a million volunteer Veterans have joined VA scientists to change the future of health care.

  • Chats with the Chief: VA Researcher Dr. Russ Huber talks about his work in VA PTSD Research 

    VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen talks post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with Veteran Dr. Russ Huber, director of the PTSD Brain Bank at the VA Boston Healthcare System. 

  • Wherever you want to go as a physician, VA can take you there

    Caring for Veterans isn’t always clinical. There are many ways for a physician to find a home at VA. Read more here.

  • VA women leaders join women Veterans in research

    Women leaders across VA enrolled in a national research program looking at health and illness in Veterans. They invite you to join them.

  • Ten times VA led the way in health innovation

    Many groundbreaking methods, procedures, and diagnostic tools can trace their origins back to VA innovation.

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