VA’s Office of Health Equity has launched season 2 of the Veterans Health Equity Podcast. Check out the latest episodes.

VA’s Office of Health Equity champions the advancement of health equity and the reduction of health disparities in Veterans. We’ve launched a unique podcast series that reviews VA programs, initiatives, and Veteran experiences within the past year.

Season 2 episodes at glance

Episode 1: Bystander Intervention Training

Listen in as Harvey Johnson, VA deputy assistant secretary for Resolution Management, Diversity and Inclusion; and Lelia Jackson, VA director of the Assault and Harassment Prevention Office, highlight how eliminating harassment and sexual assault within VA is a top priority. Learn more about VA efforts and why bystander intervention training is essential to this mission.

By learning to recognize and respond to harassment, Veterans can contribute to a welcoming environment at VA.  Bystander Intervention Training.

Episode 2: Implicit Bias and its effects on health in Veterans

Check out Dr. Ursuline Bankhead, licensed psychologist and implicit bias trainer with 15 years of experience in federal service. Lauren Russell, access co-lead is the chief medical officer for New England VA, discusses implicit bias on treatment and access to care.

Episode 3: Lactation and Tele-lactation

In this episode, Cody Giovannetti, dietitian; and Ashley Lauria, VA dietitian, Maternity Care coordinator and lactation consultant; discuss the benefits of available VA lactation services. Hear how lactation consultants have been using telehealth technology to reach lactating Veterans.

Episode 4: How VA is working to help Veterans with Long COVID

Interested in learning more about VA efforts to combat Long COVID? Don’t miss Dr. Amanda Purnell, clinical data specialist, VHA Innovation Ecosystem; and Marian Adly, White House Presidential Innovation fellow, with the VA Office of the Chief Technology.

They discuss COVID-19 efforts and digital public service, and share how they are working with VA colleagues across the country to develop COVID clinics to help support Veterans who have or think that they might have long COVID.

Episode 5: How VA partnerships promote Health Equity

Learn about the National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnerships (HAP) and how its work is helping VA to promote health equity and reduce disparities. Don’t miss Dr. Tracy Weistreich, who oversees and leads the implementation of HAP’s strategic public-private partnerships and small-scale clinical program evaluations.

She discusses how partnerships allow VA to serve Veterans in ways that VA might not be able to within its VA Medical Centers.

Did you know?

Partnerships facilitated by HAP support VA’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, restoring public trust, and delivering personalized, proactive, patient-driven health care.

To share a partnership opportunity or consult with HAP on a non-monetary partnership, please contact HAP via email:

Listen to season 2 now

We invite you to check out the Health Equity podcast on your favorite places to listen. The link is Veterans Health Equity: Leave No Veteran Behind – Podcast – Office of Health Equity (

Check out the Veterans Health Equity podcast web page on all your favorite places to listen to podcasts. Visit the Patient Care Services website to learn more about Health Equity information, research, topics, training, etc.

By Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado is a public affairs specialist for the VA Office of Patient Care Services

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Published on May. 9, 2022

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