• Experience matters: Four tips for professionals starting a new job search

    As an experienced professional, do you know what you want from your next career? When you begin your job search, consider these important points.

  • Exploring the do’s and don’ts of prepping your resume

    Your resume is your chance to make a first impression on a potential employer. Make sure you put your best foot forward with these tips.

  • The top tips for transitioning military personnel from Veterans just like you

    Leaving the service can be difficult for transitioning military personnel, so take this advice from those who have made the leap to civilian careers.

  • Myth-busting: You don’t have to be a Veteran to work at VA

    In our mission to serve Veterans, our goal is to hire the best candidates, no matter their background. We’re back with more myth-busting.

  • “C” what VA recruiters can do for you with these three steps

    When you contact, communicate and coordinate with our VA recruiters, a career at VA can be at your fingertips.

  • Myth-busting: Countering the claim that VA only hires from within

    In our mission to serve Veterans, our goal is to hire the best candidates, no matter where they come from. Time for some myth-busting.

  • Found in translation: Tips for removing military jargon from your resume

    Translating military jargon can be a challenge for transitioning personnel, but these tools will help you provide clarity to civilian recruiters.

  • From opportunity to offer: Examining the VA application timeline

    While looking at the steps in the hiring process, we tackle some of the most common questions about VA’s application timeline.

  • Best of 2021: Our top career advice for Veteran and civilian job seekers

    With the new year just around the corner, now is a great time to renew your job search. Explore some of the best career advice VA offered this year.

  • Win the job search race with these 4 effective habits

    A job search is like a marathon. And just like […]

  • Land a job at VA with these federal resume tips

    Preparing one resume to apply for private sector and federal jobs is a common mistake. Learn how to tailor your resume to help you get hired at VA.

  • 3 easy tips to help you focus your post-military resume

    Transitioning Veteran? As you apply for civilian careers, make sure to align resume with the skills listed in the job posting.

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