Connecting mind and body is important for your overall whole health. Your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act and this is often called the “mind-body connection.”

Our thoughts and emotions can influence our physical health and well-being, and how we take care of our body can impact our mental health. Because the mind and body are connected, one influences the other and this can be in a positive or negative way. An example is when our mind thinks something, our body responds in a physical way, such as when we watch an inspiring video, and we feel a physical sensation of joy and lightness in the body.

The choices we make daily can empower us to take charge of our life and health through mind-body connection.

How can you start? Watch this 9-minute video, Connecting Mind & Body Session 6, featuring Yoga Teacher Matthew Sanford and Greater Los Angeles VA Physician Indira Subramanian, MD, as they demonstrate a simple, yet profound practice of connecting the mind and body through expansion and extension through breath.


Expansion is inhalation, a concept in yoga that describes both physical and spiritual growth. The physical part is when you inhale, and your lungs expand as you breathe in and allow the breath to flow through your body; the spiritual growth is about connecting that breath with a positive mindset like feeling calm or grateful. In the video, Sanford shares that, “Sensation of expansion is a sensation we all need, especially when we feel stressed.”

By Esperanza Lugo

Ed.D., NBC-HWC, is a whole health coach for VA Northern California

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Published on Sep. 12, 2022

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