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All too often we become creatures of habit. We seem to always sleep on the same side of the bed, brush our teeth in the exact sequence each time and eat the same meals. Recently, I began experimenting with different foods. I have found that I can eat more food if I limit fat and carbs. I began to look outside of my little bubble and I found that America has made some great strides in the improvement of fat-free foods. I also learned that if I eat smaller portions of meats I can have all the veggies and fruit I desire. Salsa and onions liven up just about any meal for me. Rather than frying, I can grill or roast and still enjoy a great meal. The result: I have lost 9 pounds in the last four weeks and I feel better.

OK, by now you must be thinking, what do this guy’s dietary habits have to do with my job search? The answer, actually, is a lot in that it demonstrates how thinking outside of the box or with new eyes can have a significant impact. How you searched for a job five years ago is obsolete; it’s time to stop and try something new. The days of finding a job in your local newspaper and mailing or faxing in a resume are long gone. The Internet is our starting point to future job offerings. Whether it is from identifying the positions on a job board or networking on a social site such as LinkedIn or Facebook to applying online, chances are you will need the Internet. Great employment resources can be found at your local library, employment offices and Vet Centers. If you can think it, search for it on the Internet (“Veteran Jobs,” “Interview Skills,” “County Veteran Service,” “Veterans wanted”). You may want to begin by opening up a browser, going to a search engine and typing in a position of interest and location and hit “search.” Defining your specialty will bring you fewer results, but they will be more focused on what you are looking for. Have fun with it—it may take you several different searches to find results that are meaningful for you.

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Published on Sep. 9, 2016

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