VA is partnering with Veterans to build the world’s largest genomic database through the Million Veteran Program (MVP)—an initiative that aims to improve the accuracy and efficacy of their health care. By volunteering to share their genetic material and other health information, and by granting access to their electronic health records, Veterans can help VA researchers better understand how genetics affect health. This, in turn, facilitates the development of best practices for disease detection, prevention and treatment. Innovative research using MVP data is already in progress for a range of medical conditions, including chronic kidney disease and substance abuse.

Our goal is to enroll one million Veterans by 2025—and by August 2016, we were already halfway there. Are you ready to play an active role in supporting the future of precision medicine? We’re looking for more volunteers to help drive our research forward. VA prioritizes security and confidentiality for any Veterans who participate, so take this unique opportunity to continue a life of service and help your fellow servicemen and women find healing. For more information about MVP, including how to enroll, click here. And for other opportunities to serve Veterans, explore our open positions and apply today.

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Published on Mar. 22, 2018

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