• Standing Ready: Examine the past, present and future of VA innovation

    Standing Ready highlights the significant contributions – past, present and future – of the VA health care system through a historical lens.

  • #VADidThat: Million Veteran Program leads way to medical discoveries, one Veteran at a time

    The Million Veteran Program is a national research project learning how genes and military experiences and exposures affect health and illness.

  • VA Gulf War Research Advisory Committee hosting virtual public event on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses

    VA Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ illnesses to host virtual meeting Jan. 27 for Veterans, physicians, scientists and the general public.

  • Million Veteran Program – 10 years, 850,000 Veterans and one dream to revolutionize health care

    Million Veteran Program – After 10 years, nearly a million volunteer Veterans have joined VA scientists to change the future of health care.

  • VA women leaders join women Veterans in research

    Women leaders across VA enrolled in a national research program looking at health and illness in Veterans. They invite you to join them.

  • Future of medicine is in your genes – we need your help

    VA’s Million Veteran Program is one of the largest genetics research programs in the world. In a new video, Women Veterans invite women to enroll to make the future of medicine better for women.

  • Largest genome study of depression to date reveals genetic risk factors

    The study involved genetic data on more than 300,000 participants of VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP), along with more than a million subjects from other biobanks, including 23andMe. With such a large participant pool, the researchers were able to spot trends in genetic risk of depression not previously known.

  • ICYMI: AMVETS and VA Facebook Live on the Million Veteran Program and future of medicine

    On May 12, VA and American Veterans (AMVETS) hosted a Facebook Live to talk about VA genetic research and why your help and involvement is key to making a difference in the future of medicine.

  • Using genetics, researchers identify potential drugs for early treatment of COVID-19

    Dr. Juan P. Casas, a physician epidemiologist at the VA Boston Healthcare System, led the study. The research included collaborators from the University of Cambridge and the European Bioinformatics Institute in England, and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Italy.

  • VA celebrates 10 years of genetic research

    VA’s Million Veteran Program is the largest genetics research program to date, studying genes, lifestyle behaviors, and military exposures impact on health and illness. MVP talks Genetics on DNA Day.

  • Vietnam Veteran leads the way for tomorrow’s medicine

    VA’s Million Veteran Program is one of the largest genetics research programs, supporting groundbreaking research in precision medicine. Vietnam Veteran Milton Verdoot shares his story for enrolling.

  • Army Veteran a champion for health and research

    VA’s Million Veteran Program is the largest genetics research program of its kind, supporting groundbreaking research in personalized medicine. Veteran Keisha Bellamy shares her story for enrolling.

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