Knowledge is power when learning about our patterns and behaviors, especially in relation to food. This series hands that blueprint over to you and provides you with the tools to carry the plan through. This week’s episode features MOVE!

MOVE! Weight management program is a lifestyle intervention for weight management. In this episode, we are going to refer to it as our blueprint for success.

MOVE isn’t just a “diet” or an exercise program. It’s really three combined components of nutrition, behavior change, and physical activity. The core ideas encourage healthy eating, increasing physical activity, developing behavior change skills and promoting even small weight loss with an easy-to-follow evidence-based program.

If you’ve ever had a food journal in the past, you might have noticed certain eating behaviors or patterns. When we know why we do something, it is easier to make changes. You might be surprised to know that certain habits you have are almost completely unconscious.

You may notice yourself eating:

  • Too quickly – often finishing an entire meal in five minutes or less.
  • While standing.
  • Late at night.
  • In response to stress, depression or boredom.
  • “Just because it’s noon and time for lunch.”
  • While distracted, like watching TV, playing on the computer or driving your car.

There are many reasons we eat, but often they are for external reasons triggered by our environment rather than our bodies’ true biological hunger measured by the hunger scale.

Most of us have forgotten to listen to our bodies! The MOVE program helps bring awareness to habits while developing the skills needed to meet your long term goals.

Tune in to Dr. Tom Kadela in episode 23 of the Fresh Focus Podcast as he dives in to some of the possible reasons why we may develop these habits and ways to make changes that will last a lifetime.

Tom Kadela, Ph.D., works at the Marion VA. 

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Published on Mar. 27, 2021

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