• Marine Veteran develops complex prosthetics for Veterans

    Prosthetic orthotist and Marine Veteran produces wide range of prosthetic devices for Veterans. Some exceed capabilities of most models today.

  • Veterans with visual impairments benefit from 3D printing technology at VA

    With VA’s Blind and Visual Impairment Rehabilitation Continuum of Care, Veterans with visual impairments are achieving independence.

  • Amid shortage of face masks, researchers explore 3D options to guard against COVID-19, other infectious diseases

    A newly published study evaluated how well the 3D masks perform, with a focus on the filter materials used to block out airborne particles and liquid contaminants. The project team found a wide range of filter efficiency in the 3D masks, including some filters that met or closely approached the criteria needed to make a typical N95. Others did not filter nearly as well when matched up against the N95.

  • VHA invents reusable Personal Protective Equipment to protect providers

    A team of VA researchers from VHA developed universal, reusable Personal Protective Equipment Powered called the Air Purifying Respirator.

  • 2021: Veterans Health Administration’s 75th anniversary

    For 75 years, the Veterans Health Administration has honored America’s Veterans by providing exceptional care to improve their health and well-being. This new video reviews VA’s legacy of caring.

  • Employee input elevates VA as a leading innovative health care workplace

    Innovation is essential to delivering modern, high-quality health care. Embracing new technologies and exploring groundbreaking techniques is not only encouraged at VA — it’s celebrated. Take a look at 3D printing, a relatively new technology with a myriad of applications to health care.

  • VA mask invention enhances communication

    The Clear Talker mask is an invention from the Central Virginia VA Health Care System meant to aid in communication between patients and staff. A product of the hospital’s Assistive Technology team.

  • 3D printing innovations deliver medical breakthroughs for Veterans

    The benefits of 3D printing are limitless—from individually customized care, such as creating hand and foot orthotics, prosthetic limbs, and reconstructive surgery, to more groundbreaking applications, such as the ability to accurately replicate a patient’s heart, lung, spine, or aortic valve. Clearly, 3D printing has a profound impact on Veterans’ lives.

  • Innovative new tools help first responders during COVID-19

    The first COVID-19 Maker Challenge make-a-thon took place in early May and focused on challenges facing first responders like police, emergency responders, firefighters and others.

  • These four innovations are changing and saving Veteran lives

    The Gears of Government award-winning VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) works to support, develop, and organize VHA’s innovation efforts.

  • Five innovative practices delivering results for Veterans

    The five innovations below we’re awarded 2020 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards for being forward thinking and delivering results for Veterans.

  • VA mobilizing 3D printing to fight COVID-19

    VHA has pioneered the use of 3D printing in the health care space. Now, we are using that expertise to help respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  

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