• Why David got his health care at VA, as told by surviving daughter, Brianne

    VA supplied 24-hour care to Brianne's father for the last five months of his life. She will never forget the respectful treatment he received.

  • Pittsburgh Veteran supports fellow Veterans in palliative care

    Air Force Veteran Steven Hernandez is involved with end-of-life and palliative care for his local Veteran community. Pittsburgh’s Veteran Community Partnership serves Veterans with terminal illnesses.

  • Veterans experience hope and healing through partnerships

    We Honor Veterans - National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with VA to care for Veterans at the end of life. Healing for Veterans with other than honorable discharges.

  • VA offers virtual appointments on smart devices

    For their appointments with their VA health care provider, many Oklahoma Veterans stay home and use their smartphone or computer instead. Read all about VA Video Connect virtual appointments.

  • Making a dream come true at Phoenix VA

    A Marine Veteran at the Phoenix VA realized his dream of speaking to former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.

  • News report calls VA ‘the Tesla of at-home care’

    Since 2000, the number of veterans getting home-based primary care has quadrupled and every VA medical center across the country has added a palliative care program.

  • Waffle loves Veterans: How dogs make hard times easier

    Most people who work with Veterans have heard them talk about the importance of their attachment to their pets, and many of us have had Veterans identify their connection to their pet as their primary reason for living.

  • Using telehealth to fulfill a Veteran’s last wish

    “This means everything … everything to me. I’m thankful to […]

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