• VA listed amongst Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

    As determined by the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, VA has been named as one of the government’s top five best places to work.

  • VA ranks sixth in new best place to work report

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ranks sixth among the 17 largest federal agencies considered the best places to work, according to the annual ranking issued by the Partnership for Public Service.

  • Partnership for Public Service credits VA for customer experience improvements

    The study also credits improved Veteran trust of the department to recent customer experience programs within the Veterans Health Administration. In September 2019, 88% of Veterans nationwide said they “trust the VA for their health care needs” when responding to an outpatient health care survey, up from 85% two years earlier. The percentage of Veterans who said they trust the VA to fulfill our country’s commitment to Veterans increased to 72% in April 2019, from 59% in July 2016.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs jumps up in “best places to work” ranking

    “Did you know the Partnership for Public Service ranked VA […]

  • Service to America finalist: Helping disaster victims receive aid more quickly while saving the government money

    Jordan Manos, a VA engineer, improved the system used to assess flood damage from hurricanes and other major storms, helping residents receive aid more quickly and saving the government millions of dollars in appraisal costs.

  • Service to America finalist: Digital tools for Veterans enhance access to benefits and services

    Marcella Jacobs and the VA Digital Service team created online digital tools for Veterans to more easily access benefits and services, delivering a high-quality and seamless user experience.

  • VA researcher receives top public service recognition for work on behalf of disabled Veterans

    Rory Cooper was honored for his work designing innovative wheelchairs and other assistive technologies, which have markedly improved the mobility and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Veterans and other people with disabilities.

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