• Felix Sparks: The Liberator

    Army Veteran Felix L. Sparks, who served in World War II, is best known for his role in liberating the Dachau concentration camp.

  • Dr. Margaret Craighill: First woman doctor to receive military commission

    Dr. Margaret Craighill was the first woman doctor to receive a commission during World War II and the first VA female physician and consultant on the medical care of women.

  • Dr. Michael DeBakey: The “Rebuilder of Hearts”

    American Heart Month, no better time to celebrate the accomplishments of world-renowned physician and Veteran, Dr. Michael E. DeBakey who revolutionized the field of cardiovascular surgery.

  • VHA commemorates Black History Month

    Today’s VA embodies the spirit of the many Black men and women who were ground-breaking in history and continue to inspire us today. Pausing to remember their legacies and service.

  • We Shall Build an Outstanding Medical Service

    75 years ago, on Jan. 3,1946, President Harry Truman signed a law establishing VHA’s predecessor, the Department of Medicine and Surgery within VA, ushering in a new era of Veteran’s health care.

  • Reflections on Armistice Day 1945

    Omar Bradley and doctors met the moment and ushered in sweeping changes resulting in the creation of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, the precursor to today’s Veterans Health Administration.

  • Veterans’ Happy Birthdays…100 times…and counting!

    Their humble biographies all come together in the story of the defense of liberty and America. Here are the men and women who wore the uniforms of freedom before many of our parents were born.

  • On a Day of Infamy, Remember

    Marking the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Department of Veterans Affairs looks back at the events that lead the US to enter WWII.

  • Father and Son Remember Pearl Harbor Day Everyday

    A Pearl Harbor survivor and his son attend a Veterans Day program as a representative of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association to keep the history alive.

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