• #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Demetrius A. Ball

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Demetrius A. Ball, who served as a field artillery officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Army Reserve Veteran Josh

    After multiple traumatic brain injuries in Iraq, Josh returned to the states and found everyday life a challenge. He came to VA for help.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Marine Corps Veteran Jennifer Mascolo

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Marine Corps Veteran Jennifer Mascolo, who served as a field radio operator during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Sean Butler

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Sean Butler, who served in the military police and deployed twice for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Marine Corps Veteran Phil Klay

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Marine Corps Veteran Phil Klay, who served for four years as a public affairs officer and is now an author.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Rocio Garcia

    During Hispanic Heritage Month, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Rocio Garcia, who served as a human resources specialist in Iraq.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Marine Corps Veteran Jon

    Marine Corps Veteran, Jon, injured in Iraq and medically discharged. With VA’s help, Jon was able to carry the flag at the Paralympic Games.

  • Golden Age Games competitor fulfills promise to father

    Veteran and retired VA employee Mary Bader first became interested in the Golden Age Games when her Korean War Veteran father participated.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Derek Randall Sutton

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Derek Randall Sutton, who served as a combat engineer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Stephan David Cellucci

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Stephen David Cellucci, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and later as a Junior ROTC instructor.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Robert Borrego

    During Shark Week, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Robert Borrego, a chief surgical officer during Iraqi Freedom who now treats shark bite victims.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Marine Corps Veteran Wade Spann

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Marine Corps Veteran Wade Spann, who served four years and multiple tours supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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