Recently, VA researcher and U.S. Army Veteran Rory A. Cooper received a Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal (also known as a “Sammie”) for his groundbreaking work on wheelchair technology. Through his designs, Rory has helped improve the mobility of hundreds of thousands of disabled Veterans and other people with disabilities – and we’re proud to recognize these accomplishments.

Among his innovations is a wheelchair with robotic arms and hands, as well as one with a more comfortable and adjustable seat. He also designed a personal vehicle that allows people to navigate terrain that can’t be accessed by normal wheelchairs.

With ingenuity like this, Rory demonstrates VA’s unwavering commitment to advancing Veteran care. Across our organization, we encourage exploration and discovery and provide the resources needed to make it successful. That includes advanced research and technology, inspirational leaders and much more. It’s an environment that can help you reach your full potential as you help patients reach theirs. Consider a career with VA, and pursue the unmatched fulfillment that comes with enhancing Veterans’ lives.

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Published on Nov. 3, 2017

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  1. Stephen R. Mihaly November 11, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    I am 82 and my wife is 81. At present my wife struggles to push me in my manual wheel chair. She suffers from advanced and severe neuropathy in her legs and feet as a result of diabetes, and also lower back problems related to arthritis.

    My disability has been rated 100% and on 11/03/2012 the VA provided me with a three-wheeled, battery operated, single seat Scooter. I saw a similar two-seater scooter advetised and would like to know if the VA would replace the single seat scooter with a two seaterk (one seat behind the other). This would eliminate the need for her to push me and also elimnate the need for us to acquire an additional scooter for her. I would be able to pay any d difference in cost.

    Thank you for any information or advise you are able to provide.

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