Military families provide critical support when their loved ones serve on active duty. Here at VA, we return the favor after military service is over – making sure that our Veteran employees and their families are supported at work and at home.

There’s no better time to take a look at why VA is a great place for Veteran parents to work than during the month of April, when we celebrate the youngest members of the military community for Month of the Military Child.

Enjoy family life

Parents who work at VA have plenty of time to make memories with their children and those they love with perks like flexible scheduling, telework options, onsite child care and generous time off.

Although not every VA job comes with flex time and remote work options, many positions provide alternatives to the traditional 9-to-5, 40-hour workweek. You might be able to arrange varying arrival and departure times, longer but fewer days, or teleworking on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Some VA locations offer on-site child care centers, saving you the hassle of driving to drop off and pick up your child. You can even stop in to eat lunch with your child if you’d like.

At VA, you’ll also enjoy 13 to 26 days paid annual leave, 13 sick days annually with no limit on accumulation and 10 paid federal holidays. Looking to add to your family? We also offer paid parental leave for the birth, adoption or fostering of a child.

We’ve got you covered

Take care of your family now and down the road with our competitive salary, robust insurance plans and generous retirement.

Federal employees enjoy the widest selection of health plans in the country, as well as dental, vision, life and long-term care insurance.

Choose a health care plan that works best for you, whether that’s one with lower premiums, a lower deductible or a nationwide provider network. Coverage often continues after you retire.

Health care and dependent care flexible savings accounts (FSAs) let you to use tax-free dollars to help pay for health care, daycare and elder care expenses.

Affordable life insurance is also available, with VA covering a third of your basic premium. Unlike many life insurance packages in the private sector, your insurance may be eligible to be carried into your retirement.

We also offer long-term care insurance in the event you become unable to care for yourself. It helps pay for nursing home care, assisted living facility care, home health care, hospice care, respite care and other long-term care services.

Plan for retirement

You’ll be set for life with our unbeatable retirement plan. The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) is a three-tier retirement plan composed of Social Security benefits, FERS basic benefits and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

Similar to a 401(k) savings plans, the TSP allows you to invest a portion of your pre-tax income each year. You can transfer money from other eligible retirement savings plans into your TSP account, and we match contributions of up to 5%.

For retired military personnel, these retirement benefits are on top of your full monthly retirement pay or pension.

Work at VA

If you’re a Veteran parent interested in a career serving other Veterans, consider choosing VA for your post-military career. We’re here to support you and your family.

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Published on Apr. 20, 2021

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    Thanks in advance. I’ve been recently diagnosed with an additional, even more critical ailment, than the two I have required surgery on for roughly 30 months preceding Covid, and right after my wedding. I retired in ’98 from USAF. Stopped working in ’06 as I couldn’t anymore. Physical and mental. Moved around until I settled in Tarpon Springs. I am responsible for my Octogenarian mother who has fallen under scammers. I’m in the process of fixing this. Whilst fighting medicare for her oxygen tank. I then get an IRS bill from ‘2017 stating I owe $10,000. which is will soon higher. I have been signing 2 affidavits annually swearing I have no job or additional incomes!!??? The Mental Health folks, from James A. Haley, Tampa, Fl. are in contact with me to provide guidance on how to inform my wife and children,.as well as my surgery options. There has been no one able to answer these issues. The 2 previous ‘issues preclude me from any strenuous activities. And paralysis sets in and shuts down completely my ability to function with the wrong moves. Right hip replacement was due last year. My constant pain has gotten progressively worse eliminating my quality of life! I received several certified letters backdated for years. And the interest that accumulated, even though I’ve never received them? My condition has me………anxious, very very angry as well as confused. I’m attempting to contact any agency that may assist with this matter. ?

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