• New outpatient diuresis clinic a game changer for Veteran and spouse

    The newly created Outpatient Diuresis Clinic is a game changer for Navy Veteran Jack Pinkston and his spouse after quadruple bypass.

  • Advanced diabetes technology aids Veterans

    A continuous glucose monitor is a tiny sensor inserted under the skin. It sends data to the Veteran's patients’ smartphone or tablet.

  • Stent surgery study reinforces quality of VA cardiac care

    Stent surgery: Common procedure but has some risk. Four-year study shows those treated by VA facility had 25% lower risk of complications.

  • New heart failure treatment improves Veteran quality of life

    Michael Clayton, an Army and Navy Veteran, was the first VA patient in the country to receive an innovative new heart procedure.

  • Telehealth pilot program provides at-home care

    Air Force Veteran had two heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery this summer. Thanks to VA telehealth and new pilot program, he receives almost all his post-surgical care and monitoring at home.

  • COVID-19 survivor gets new heart at Madison VA

    Army Veteran Gerry Clemens had a heart attack and needed a heart transplant. A routine test for COVID-19 was positive which meant 6 weeks of quarantine before they could attempt the heart transplant.

  • Which is good cholesterol? LDL or HDL?

    Cholesterol: Material that provides structure for your body's cells. Too much can cause plaque to build up in your blood vessels which can block blood vessels and cause heart attacks and strokes.

  • VA, non-VA cardiac rehab provide similar benefits

    VA and non-VA cardiac rehabilitation programs offer similar benefits, found a VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) study.

  • VA encourages women Veterans to take control of their heart health

    VA encourages women Veterans to talk to their providers about how they can prevent heart disease. VA and the American Heart Association want to help women Veterans reduce their risk of heart disease.

  • VA North Texas is gold standard for reducing heart attacks, strokes

    Cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks are the leading causes of death in America. More than a third, or 37-percent, of Veterans have been diagnosed with hypertension and more than 40-percent have high cholesterol.

  • Telehealth working well for rural Veterans

    This Air Force military police and Vietnam Veteran has had three heart attacks and needs cardiac rehabilitation. He does it from home using a telehealth program funded by VA’s Office of Rural Health.

  • VA goes Red for Women in February – Heart Month

    This Friday is the beginning of Heart Month and VA medical centers are marking the month with special events across the nation. Here’s a look at just a few. Wear red this Friday and join in!

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