• Bernie Webber: A Story of Semper Paratus

    Bernie Webber led one of the greatest Coast Guard rescues in history that was later chronicled in the book and movie, “The Finest Hours.”

  • American Hero: Robert Darling

    As the events of 9/11 unfolded, Marine Veteran Robert Darling served as a liaison between the Pentagon and Vice President Dick Cheney in the underground bunker at the White House.

  • Neil Armstrong: American pioneer

    NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. He was also a seasoned Naval aviator.

  • William “Bill” Clayton Overmier: Overcomer

    In May 1942, National Guardsman William “Bill” Clayton Overmier was captured and sent to a Japanese prisoner of war camp. For the next three years, Overmier remained at the camp until its liberation by American troops.

  • Raymond J. Evans: Coast Guard Legend

    Cmdr. Raymond J. Evans served at Guadalcanal during World War II. He was close friends with Douglas Munro, the Coast Guard’s only Medal of Honor recipient.

  • George Coker: A story of perseverance

    Navy Veteran George Coker served as a bombardier before becoming a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

  • Gene Roddenberry: Creator of Star Trek

    Army Air Corps Veteran Gene Roddenberry flew over 80 combat missions during World War II and later went on to create the hit science fiction series “Star Trek.”

  • William Moody: Wrestling’s Paul Bearer

    Air Force Veteran William Moody performed in the professional wrestling business for over a decade as Paul Bearer, the manager of The Undertaker.

  • Clifton Schroeder: Clinging to dirt

    Marine Veteran Clifton Schroeder served as an executive officer in Vietnam and a senior liaison officer during the Balkans Conflict.

  • David Petteys: A hero of “Marine Helo”

    Marine Corps Veteran David Petteys grew up during WWII and served in the Vietnam War. His exceptional flying skills led to an incredible rescue.

  • Maj. Gen. Tammy Smith: Live Authentically

    Tammy Smith struggled to hide her sexuality while serving in the Army. She became the highest-ranking openly gay officer after DADT was repealed in 2011.

  • Kimberly Stuart: LGBTQ and Red, White & Blue

    Kimberly Stuart used the challenges she faced during her service to help other Veterans, so they can have pride for all aspects of their identity.

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